Plumbing Re-Piping

All kinds of properties in the Longmont area possessed plumbing systems with galvanized and/or copper water supply lines. Over time these pipes deteriorate, resulting in discolored water water, decreased pressure or even small pinhole leaks. Longmont Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning can help you plan the ideal repiping project.

Water leak on a pipe

When to Call

  • Yellowish Water – If you have noticed your water turning yellow in color it is time to begin thinking about replacing your old pipes.
  • Flakes in water – Metallic flakes in your water are indicative of rusting galvanized pipes.
  • Deterioration in water pressure – If you are noticing a deterioration in water pressure throughout the home, this can often be explained by rust building up in the fixtures.
  • Brown discoloration of sinks/tubs – Over time the residue from the rust and discolored water will begin to leave signs in your tubs, sinks and toilets.

Advantages of Repiping

  • Get rid of galvanized piping – even if you are not seeing the signs of your pipes aging – because replacing the pipes ensures they don’t have a chance to break and cause trouble. Galvanized pipes will deteriorate without question. Due to water conditions, the calcium/magnesium in our water supplies promote deterioration of galvanized pipes
  • Many horizontal (in the attic) pipes are made of copper, Copper pipes are prone to pinhole leaks, often making the discovery difficult. Pinhole leaks take longer to find and are often not completely noticeable when they begin, causing water damage to walls or floors and costly repairs.

Types of Repiping Offered

  • Horizontal repiping – This type of repiping covers horizontal pipes typically located in the attic or any crawl spaces. Horizontal repipes are more common because deterioration happens here more often.
  • Vertical repiping – This type of repiping project could involve distinct portions of your home or a complete vertical repiping. This only covers piping running vertically throughout the home. Incisions are made in the Sheetrock to facilitate the replacement, and these incisions are usually repaired by another contractor.
  • Whole-house repiping – These types of repipes cover all pipes above the slab, both horizontal and vertical.

Replacement Materials

Longmont Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning uses Wirsbo PEX piping to replace your current piping system. PEX piping is versatile, durable and more cost efficient than other types of water line materials. PEX piping comes in red (for hot water lines), blue (for cold water lines), or clear options. Wirsbo PEX comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If your home is already struggling with issues with old pipes or you are thinking of replacing your old piping, call Longmont Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning. Our knowledgeable and experienced of plumbers are ready and waiting to help.

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